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When you are charging your spirits it's very important to use the correct
types of energies.  You wouldn't want to place upon them negative
energies or energies from negative sources.

These Charging boxes are extremely special and extremely powerful.
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The Exquisite Collection
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:: Small
Charging Box
:: $25
I offer multiple options when it comes to these powerful
charging boxes.

I will choose design and color of the box that is shipped.
:: Medium
Charging Box ::
:: Large
Charging Box
:: $45

Haunted: Puissant Charging Box: Spirits, Vessels, Spelled Items



The Power of a Charging Box is Extremely Valuable.  Not only to the Master or Owner of
Metaphysical items but to the spirits that are bound to these spiritual items or spell casted

These are charging boxes of great strength, Energy and potency.  Each Recharging box is
hand tailored, charged with months of incredible rites and rituals.  Through the ancient ways,
the energies and aptitudes from all Metaphysical corners are used to charge each box making
them essential for all items.  Spiritual (Angels, Djinn, etc), Spelled Items (Casted and
Influenced) and Haunted items (souls, spirits, etc).

While the rites and rituals used in charging these boxes is consider to be dangerous to those
who know little of their practices, each box is charged by those who have mastered their art.  
Each box is casted upon by 4 masters/healers.  Their energies are given to the charging
boxes and in turn build energy and transfer them to the items that you hold dear.

As many of you know, Spirits and Spell casted items are all focused, consume and exert
energies.  As these energies are exerted spelled items become weaker, spirits become less
potent.  While some of these items may charge themselves over a course of time, this period
can be very prolonged and the period of time the master must wait can be varying.  Other
items simply cannot reenergize without a charging box.

For any master or owner of such items, these charging boxes are essential.  A must have.  Not
only are they gifts to their spirits but they also increase their spirits strengths.  


While many offer charging boxes, few offer boxes that have properly created.  Some use rites
and rituals that can actually have adverse effects.  Some actually take energy from the items
and repel it.  Some rites and rituals used use a more basic approach.  They take energy from
all sources and spread the forces, in turn, the results are less than stellar.  They are spread out
instead of focused.

The items that I offer are used with a mixture of modern rites and ancient rituals.  A perfect,
rare combination.  

Please Note I: This listing is for the Large Size Charging Box.  Capable of Charging multiple
items.  All boxes are different.  I will decide who receives what box.  The boxes in the photos
may already be sold.  Styles, Colors may be different than the ones in the photos.

Please Note II: For items such as lamps, a special method of Charging is needed.  I will
provide these directions for those who need them.  A Charging box is needed.


Each box is extremely powerful and very useful to all spirits, all spelled items and all collectors.

Each box is lovely, unique in design.  I only offer the best.  These boxes also make lovely
extended vessels for your spirits while you are away.
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