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Often, at least a few times a month, I receive a request for information
concerning the Chakras.  Some wish to know what the ‘Chakra’ is and others
ask what the ‘centers’ are.  In this guide these questions will be answered
along with so much more.  Enjoy my friends and please let me know if you
have any questions.
First we begin with the Chakras and what they are.  Think of this as
specialized points on your body and they control certain aspects of who you
are and how you feel.  There are seven ‘centers’ and they are split between
two sides;

With each of the Chakras, they can either be open or closed and have
varying degrees of activity.  If one Chakra is overactive normally another
Chakra will be underactive.  This is what we would consider an imbalance.  
What you want is a balanced Chakra where each of the Centers are open
and normally active.  When they are out of balance it can interfere with the
way you feel, the way you act, your patience, even your attitude.  You can
imagine how a little imbalance can throw your life into turmoil.  
For the sake of this guide, we won’t focus on balancing the centers; that will
come at a later date but we will continue on to detail the centers of the

1.        The Root Chakra: Base of the spine.  This is your link to the world
around you.  Anything and everything physical.  Your body, the ground and
everything else that is physical.    An imbalanced Chakra can make on
greedy, make them care more about material possessions and so on.  It can
also lead one to be nervous and to have high levels of fear in common
situations.  The color associated is red.

2.         The Sacral Chakra: Genitals. Relationships.  Sexuality.  Emotions
and feelings in regards to sensuality, intimacy and sexual aspects.  When
open one is able to perform readily and without issue.  With an unbalance
one certainly can be have issues in the bed room along with other
aspects…physical and emotion.  This is very important for both male and
female individuals but most often a concern for men. Orange is the relating

3.         The Navel Chakra: Stomach.  You know who you are, we all do deep
down.  This is where self value and understanding of ourselves resides.  
Within out Navel we know what we will do and what we won’t do in this life.  
When operating in a balanced state, one has confidence and integrity.  
When out of balance the individual is in a dangerous situation.  Others are
able to control them, manipulate them and make them do things they
normally wouldn’t.  Without a doubt one does not want this Chakra to be out
of balance!  Very dangerous indeed. This Chakra color is yellow.

4.         The Heart Chakra:  Chest.  As you can imagine, the Heart Chakra is
the center point of love and all of the emotions that stream from it.  
Happiness, contentment, joy, generosity and so on.  When operating
properly the individual is extremely positive often considered to be ‘walking
on air.’   One would be understanding and caring of others.  When operating
in an unbalanced state; negative, hateful, selfish and so on.

5.         The Throat Chakra:  Throat. Communication and thought are tied
directly to this center. When open one is able to communicate clearly; not
just thoughts but emotions as well.  When out of balance one can become
irritated, have issues with not telling the truth and so on.  Blue is the color of
the Throat Chakra.

6.        The Third-Eye Chakra:  Between the Eyes. Known for being a center
of intelligence and psychic abilities.  Sight, hearing, perception and
understanding are all connected.  The color associated with this Chakra
would be Indigo.  When open one is wise and sees clearly.  Able to
understand the world around them.

7.         The Crown Chakra:  Top of the Head. This is the highest point of the
physical body and where one would intercept energy.  This energy is
circulated all over the body.  This Chakra influences ones spirituality,
selflessness, caring and compassion.  It’s also know for influences upon
intelligence and thought.  Colors which are associated are namely Violet
and sometimes White.  When open the individual is less clumsy,
coordination, more in tune with the world around them.  Also more open to
spirituality and the Metaphysical.

These are the Seven main Chakras but that isn’t all.  There are more.  There
are Lower Chakras that are known to go down the leg that connect directly to
our most primal animalistic nature.  These Lower Chakras aren’t normally
addressed unless one hasn’t be able to correct issues with the higher seven
centers.  When working with these Lower Seven Chakras and the problemed
issues haven’t been solved, there are twenty one known Minor Chakras.  
These reflect the Seven main Centers.  It’s rare that one has to go to these
levels to create a balance but it’s not unheard of.

As you can see, the Chakra Centers can have a direct impact not only on
your well being but spiritually as well.  Those with an imbalance can have
serious issues in the areas of communication with their spirits. They can
suffer from impatience and uncontrollable disrespect.  It’s important to gain
control of your Centers and make sure they are balanced.  Not only for you
but for those that you care for the most including your spirits.  

Please let me know if you have any questions.
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