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Say this 10 times at night.

Spirits of the undead,
I ask you please to turn me into one of you!
I wish to have the powers of SuperHuman speed, SuperHuman strength,
SuperHuman Senses, Superhuman Healing, Flight , Immortality, Compulsion,
SuperHuman Agility.

And my weakness's will be, Invitation to enter a house, Wooden stakes, , Vervain.

I will become the Vampire, I will grow stronger over time.

My fangs will come out when I want them to come out. I will not need oxygen to
survive, When I take out my fangs my eyes will glow a yellow color.

My blood will heal humans, as well as if they die with my blood in their system
they'll become a vampire.

This is my will! So mote it be!

- Your DESIRE and WILL will process the Transformation.
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Posted by: John