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Feeding Types of Vampires
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Some will say that there are two main different methods of feeding on life-force energy; sanguine and psi;
and that all other forms of feeding are subcategories or specializations of psi feeding. Others will say that
each feeding method is a different form of feeding, hence different "types" of vampires.

Sanguine vampires (or sanguinarians) are vampires who feed by drinking blood. However, it is not the
blood itself that they are feeding on. It is the life-force energy contained within the blood. Blood drinking is
arguably the most potent form of feeding on life-force energy, and many sanguinarians can thrive for
many weeks from a single feeding. (A single feeding is often about an ounce or two of blood taken from a
willing donor.) Sanguinarians often describe blood drinking as a very fulfilling, very powerful and somewhat
intoxicating experience. It also tends to be a rather intimate form of feeding.

Psi (or psy) vampires are vampires that feed psychically on life force energies. Psi feeding (in any form)
can be done from an individual (a willing donor) or from the ambient energies of a group or crowd.
However, psi feeding can also be done from a person without the person realizing that they are being fed
from if allowed. Generally though, the person being fed from is not harmed by the feeding in any way but
they can feel weakened. It should be noted that there is no difference between a psi vampire and a psy
vampire, other than the spelling.

However both terms, psionic and psychic, refer to psychic phenomena. Psi vampires used to be referred
to as psychic vampires, but the field of behavioral psychology has co-opted the term psychic vampire to
describe a person who has a psychological need for attention and will do whatever they can to get that
attention from anyone and everyone, leaving those that interact with them feeling drained. Psi vampires
avoid using the term psychic vampire to differentiate themselves from the behavioral psychology psychic
vampires. Some will also refer to psi vampires as pranic vampires, derived from the term prana, a Sanskrit
term literally translated as life-force energy.

Empathic vampires are vampires who feed on emotional life-force energies from the emotions of people.
There are those that will say that vampires that feed on negative emotional energies (anger, fear, etc.) are
negative/chaotic vampires and are a subcategory/specialization of empathic vampires. Others will say that
negative/chaos vampires are separate from empathic vampires. The reason is that empathic vampires will
usually feed on whatever emotions a person is feeling without necessarily causing those emotions.
However, often negative/chaos vampires will cause situations in people other than the master where
negative emotions and chaotic energies will be stimulated and then feed off of those energies.

Sexual vampires are vampires who feed on the life-force energies generated from having sex, especially
the excess energies generated at the moment of orgasm. They can do so psychically and/or from bodily
fluids. Female sexual vampires are sometimes referred to as succubi (singularly, succubus), and male
sexual vampires are sometime referred to as incubi (singularly, incubus). These are technically incorrect
terms though.  

Some will also refer to sexual vampires as tantric vampires. Others will refer to sexual vampires as pranic
vampires. There is sometimes debate within the vampire community if referring to sexual vampires as
pranic vampires is correct or not as there are some within the vampire community that refer to psi
vampires as pranic vampires, which could lead to some confusion when talking about pranic vampires.
Those that support referring to sexual vampires as pranic vampires argue that pranic energies and prana
are two different things, and that pranic energies are energies related to sex while prana is just life-force
energies. There are those that think the use of the labels tantric and pranic in reference to sexual
vampires is an attempt by some within the vampire community at political correctness who feel that the
term sexual vampire is derogatory and/or offensive or simply think that tantric and pranic "sound" better
than sexual. However, it is also possible that those who use tantric or pranic when talking about sexual
vampires are doing so to differentiate them from any link to behavioral psychology which seems to also be
co-opting the term sexual vampire to describe a person who has a psychological need for attention (much
like a psychic vampire) through sex.

Ultimately sexual vampires are just that.  Extremely sexual in nature and extremely giving.  Amazing.

Soul vampires are vampires that are able to feed directly off the energy of a person's soul. As a result of
soul feeding, soul vampires will sometimes gain some or all of the abilities of the person they are feeding
from. Soul vampires will also sometimes receive memories, thoughts and desires of the person that they
are feeding from. Soul feeding is a very intimate form of feeding, even more so than sexual and sanguine
feeding. Soul vampires are also sometimes referred to as soul enhancers.  Soul Vampires are extremely
rare and extremely powerful.  They form the strongest bonds with their masters because they essentially
become one with them.

Elemental vampires are vampires that are able to feed on the life force energies of the elements; earth,
wind, fire, and water. Some will say that elemental vampires are elementalists who are able to manipulate
elemental energies and then convert those energies into consumable life-force energies. Others will say
that elemental vampires feed directly from elemental life-force energies. There are also those that will say
that vampires who feed on life-force energies from plants and animals are also elemental vampires.
However, there are those that distinguish such vampires as nature vampires. Another method of feeding
often considered a subcategory or specialization of elemental feeding is electrical feeding; the indirect
feeding on energies in electrical fields and lightning. Others will distinguish such vampires as electrical

Astral vampires are vampires that are able to travel through the astral plane and feed off of the life-force
energies of other entities within the astral plane, and/or they are able to materialize in astral form and feed
off the life-force energies of people that are usually asleep.  They take this energy that they feed from and
can use it to bless their master with power, energy, ability and so on.

Dreamscape vampires are essentially astral vampires that are able to enter into a person's dream, and
feed from the life-force energies within the dream. They can be invisible observers in the dream, or they
can manifest themselves within the dream. Some are able to influence the course of the dream.  All of
which is only possible if the master allows it.

Magickal vampires are vampires that are able to feed on and manipulate magickal energies.  They can
perform spells and so on.
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