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Breaking an Unwanted Love or Other Relationship

Persons who do not seem to realize that your love for other relationship with them has ended, that you do
not wish to see them anymore, that you wish they would leave you alone – can be very boring and

But you can get rid of them without as much as a ring a single word that would indicate that you do not
wish to see them again.  This is what you should do:

1.        When next this person comes to your home, invite him or her into your garden.

2.        In the garden, you must cleverly get the person to stand so that his or her footprints point towards
the house (your house/home) .

3.        The footprints can be made either by the person’s naked feet or by the footwear they have on at
the time.

4.        When you are alone, urinate into a glass, bowl, bottle, etc.  Go into the garden and look for the
two clear footprints, one each of the person’s two feet.

5.        Carefully put nine drops of urine on each of the person’s footprints.  As you do so, mention the
person’s name (as often as you want) and say that you don’t want him or her to ever come to your home
again or to get close to you anymore.  Spell out your desire explicitly.

6.        Please note that you must put exactly nine drops of urine onto each footprint.  An easy way of
getting the exact number of drops is to put the urine into an appropriately small bottle.  A small bottle that
normally holds ’eye drops’ (medication for inflamed eyes) is particularly suitable since they are
appropriately equipped for squeezing out small drops of liquid.

Alternatively, you can get the drops by placing your index finger against the open mouth of a small bottle
which contains the urine, overturn the bottle, and allow the urine to slowly trickled down your index finger
to form the drops of the urine.

7.        It may be quite tricky when you do not have a garden.  What you should do in that situation is; a
few minutes before the person comes over, you spread a little film of dust where the person will step so
that footprints could be made.  Alternatively, you can spread a little water on the steps leading to your
front door for the person to step in and leave footprints.  Think about it, you certainly will find a suitable
way to get the person to leave footprints.
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