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The forgoing demonstrates how it is that there are so many different versions of
'truth'. One's particular view is almost arbitrary. Although numerous religions,
philosophies, and occult systems abound, they do not contradict one and other as
much as it might appear. Rather, they describe the same (universal) reality taken
from different perspectives. For there can be no ultimate truth in the physical world.
We can only base our actions upon assumptions and agreements. All experience
is subjective.

Yet, there is a separate reality within each of us which is often ignored unless we
seek it. This inner self is in magick called the 'true will'. The true will is the center
of consciousness and identity. It is the 'real you'. Everything else is an interface or
link to it from the outer (illusory) world. Since that interface is based upon our
model, it is conditioned and may sometimes produce false information. 'Do what
thou wilt' (Crowley) is an axiom of magick; for the true will expresses our exact
desires. And what we truly want ('down deep') we tend to automatically get. This
isn't always in our best interests, since the true will can be conditioned (tricked) by
the illusion; and then we might desire and obtain that which is not ultimately good
for us. (Karma strikes again!) The task of the magician therefor is to awaken his
awareness of the true will, to be free of conditioning, and thereby to transcend
maya. ('My will unconditioned is magical' -- Spare).
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