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Simple Magickal Money Rites Number Five

A Success Bringing Bath

The following magickal bath is reputed for bring the person who takes it success in all facets of
human life.  In other words, the person who takes this magickal bath becomes successful in
financial matters, in matters of the heart, and so on.

It may be taken on any day and at sunrise.  The procedure to followed is described below;

1.        Put some warm water in a bucket so that the water fills up about 4/5 total volume of the
bucket.  There’s no need to measure the water to exactly 4/5 volume of the bucket.  Please note
that all that is required in this case is that the bucket should be nearly full of warm water.

2.        Into the water in the bucket put any quantity of sea salt and some oil of geranium.  Stir
the water until these items mix thoroughly.

3.        Have a bath with a mixture in the usual way described in the previous rituals and allow
the mixture to dry on your skin.  However, leave a little of the mixture in the bucket.  After the
mixture has dried on your skin, put on your clothes (comb your hair; etc) and take the bucket
outdoors into the garden or elsewhere.  Then throw the remainder of the mixture in the direction
of the rising sun.  If the sun is not visible (due to clouds, etc),then simply throw the mixture
towards the east – direction the sun rises from.  

If you live upstairs or in a high-rise apartment then you may throw the mixture over the balcony
if that is feasible and if the balcony faces east.  You may, if necessary, go downstairs and throw
away the mixture as directed.
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