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Simple Magickal Money Rites Number Four

A Money Bath

The following is another powerful magical bath that has the power to attract more money and
general material prosperity into your life.  Please proceed in the following manner:

1.        At anytime and on any day you prefer, mix the following items and a bucket of warm
a.        A small quality of white granulated sugar
b.        A small amount of white-lead. White-lead by the way looks quite like sugar and may be
purchased from your occult-goods supplier.  A teaspoon of the sugar plus a teaspoon of the
white-lead should be sufficient for the bath.

2.        Stir the water carefully so that the ingredients mix properly.  Make your wishes over the

3.        Have your bath with a mixture, in the same way as described in the Money Rite Number
Three.  After the bath, allow the mixture too dry on your body.  If the weather is cold, please turn
on a heater to avoid getting chilled.

4.        After the mixture dries on your body, rub the entire body, from head to toe, with some
olive oil (which can be purchased locally).

5.        After a duration of at least 6 hours, you may wash the olive oil and the mixture off your
body, this time with soap and clean water.

6.        Repeat the bath as often as you can.  Sooner than you think possible, your financial
circumstances should improve considerably.
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