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Simple Magickal Money Rites Number 3

A Bath for Success

This magical bath has the effect of attracting luck and success in business and money matters generally,
towards the person who takes it.  Proceed in the following manner:

1.         Fill a bucket with warm water to about 4/5 its full volume.  This should be on a Monday,
Wednesday or Friday.

2.        Then mix the following items, one after another, with warm water in the bucket:
a.        1 tablespoon of ground powder sulfur
b.        A small amount of salt-petre (about 1 tablespoon full)
c.        1 tablespoon of white, granulated sugar
d.        1 teaspoon full of (ground or powdered) nutmeg
e.        1 tablespoon full of bluestone (ground)
f.        One phial of Business Luck Oil

3.         The water in the bucket must be stirred very well to ensure that the ingredients for the bath mix

4.        Use the mixture in the bucket to have a bath.  Do not use soap but simply rub the mixture on all
parts of your naked body, from head to toe.  Do not towel dry yourself but allow the mixture to remain on
your body until it dries of its own accord.  Allow the mixture to remain on your body for at least 6 hours
before washing off.  In view of this, you should perform the rite, say, after you close from work on any of
those specified days.  The bath may be taken at any time.

5.        After the bath, burn a mixture of bluestone, nutmeg, sulfur and granulated white sugar and allow
the smoke to float over your naked body.  Extend your hands and other parts of the body towards the
smoke that is briefly over your body.  The mixture may be burned in a metal plate or censer.  You may
‘smoke yourself’ in the stipulated manner as soon as you complete your bath.

6.        Repeat the bath and the ‘smoking’ as often as you wish.  It should become evident, after a short
while, that your finances had begun to improve much faster than you expected.
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