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Simple Magickal Money Rite 1

The following magickal rites are very simple to perform and are known to contain the power to
attract more money into your possession.  They do help person’s engaged in business to
attract more customers than they currently do and to make much larger profits.

The various rites are described below (and on other pages) and you can perform them as

Rite Number 1

1.        This rite should be performed before noon in the morning of any Wednesday.

2.        It is particularly useful for persons who own and/or run small businesses (shops, etc)
where customers go personally to make purchases.

3.        You require the following items: ½ cup of granulated sugar (preferably white and color),
1 tablespoon of allspice, and a little quantity of salt-petre (potassium nitrate).

4.        Mix the said items in a scrubbing bucket, etc, was some amount of clean water.  As you
mix the items together, state your wishes as many times as you can.

5.        Stand outside the door through which customers normally enter the shop premises.  
Scrub the floor of the entrance of this door.  Scrub from the outside inwards (i.e. into the shop
premises).  If there is a carpet at the entrance of the door you may either left it and scrub the
floor or you can sprinkle some of the water on the carpet.  If customers come into the shop
premises through more than one door, you should scrub the entrances of all the doors

6.        As often as you must, in addition, scrub, or sprinkle the mixture on, the entrance to your
home after making your wishes.
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