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A number of other occult disciplines are prevalent today besides magick. There are
many cults and sects which profess their own views, but there are really few
differences between them. One popular area in the occult today is witchcraft. This
is far removed from the cliché of devil worship. Real witchcraft is a nature religion
(pagan). Witchcraft has much in common with magick.

Alchemy also has much in common with magick. It's heritage comes from the
middle ages. Alchemy fathered chemistry and the physical sciences. But the
avowed purpose of alchemy, turning lead into gold, is too limiting to be called
magick. Sometimes the goal of alchemy is interpreted in another way, as the
transformation of man into a spiritual being.

Then there are the numerous modern day seers or 'psychics', as they like to be
called, who operate within their own some what unique systems. Although many of
these people are deluded frauds, some are very powerful occultists indeed.
Of course, everything I have said here is a generalization. Magick, witchcraft,
alchemy, or any occult field are complex subjects. Suffice it to say that magick
includes them all (it is eclectic). For magick is undoubtedly a philosophy which
has, as the late Aleister Crowley wrote, "The method of science -- the aim of
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