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Your awareness of the physical world and of your place within it is mostly based
upon the physical senses (hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste). These five senses
continually send information to the mind, and it is up to the mind to select and
interpret them. If you could not do so, your senses would overwhelm you and be
meaningless. Selection and interpretation of your sensory inputs is essentially an
automatic, mostly subconscious function of the mind. The program or map which
the subconscious follows as its reference point is called a _model_. The model is
a subconscious mental photograph of how you believe the world looks (ie. world
view, mindset, egregore, or belief system). It was built up from an early age by
your religious and cultural background through interaction with family and others. It
contains your experiences, attitudes, and habits. And whether you realize it or not,
most of your behavior, thoughts, feelings, and habits are based upon and
conditioned by that model; even personality. The model is one of the mind's master
programs. Change in behavior generally requires a change in the model. These
limitations built into our way of thinking cause our perceptions to be subjective.
That is why Hindu philosophy looks upon the world as illusory (maya); the world
itself (object) is not an illusion, however from our viewpoint through perception
(subject) it is.

Thus we are all conditioned by experience. Except that our perceptions, hence our
experiences, are first conditioned and limited by the model. Our perceptions and
experiences tend to conform to what we expect. We tend to misinterpret or ignore
things which do not match our preconceived notions about them. This is automatic.
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