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Examples of ESP
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ESP, the abbreviation for extra sensory perception, means the reception of
information through paranormal means (ie. not regular physical senses of sight,
sound, touch, smell, or taste). In theory, this is accomplished by receiving psychic
force from outside the body. Here are some examples of ESP:

1) Clairvoyance, or Remote Viewing -- the ability to sense or 'see' (non-physically)
distant objects, places, and people. Individuals who see ghosts and spirits are
probably clairvoyant.

2) Astral Projection (OOBE) or Traveling Clairvoyance -- Full experience at a
remote location while the physical body sleeps.

3) Psychometry -- the reading of information by the touch of physical objects.

4) Telepathic receiver -- the ability to directly receive thought (communication) at a
distance, with no physical connection to the sender. There are many everyday
examples of this, in which we think something just as another person is about to
say it. This is an easy one to test for through experiment. Very dramatic cases of
telepathy have been recorded; there is often an emotional element in such cases.

5) A medium, as in a seance.

6) Experience with a Ouija board, pendulum, or automatic writing.

7) Precognition -- to foresee the future. Again, highly emotional events are the
ones most likely to be 'tuned in'.
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