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Crossroads Prayer
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Crossroads Prayer

The following rite was handed down from my father and to me he taught it.  I don’t know where it
came from or the history of this ritual but I can tell you it is very powerful.  My father made it very
clear to me that it was important to memorize this ritual, word for word and so it was done.  I
would recommend the same to you.

This ritual puts forth powerful and real results very quickly for those who put it into practice.
The details are below:

1.        When you are in deep trouble of one kind of another, or when you require divine
assistance to help you solve a pressing problem, go to a crossroads before sunrise on any day
you choose.  It is preferable if you go to a park or etc as there is a greater chance of being
undisturbed than a motor-bound crossroads.

2.        At the crossroad, (i.e. the point where two or more roads or paths cross each other), stand
at the point of the crossing and face east.

3.        Close your eyes, bend your head down and recite the prayer that suites you religion.  Do
so quietly.  For many religions there are prayers that are similar to the Lord’s Prayer that
Christians follow.  It is up to you on the prayer that suites you and helps place you in the proper
mindset.  After your prayer, state your issue and the nature of the assistance that you need to
solve the problem.

4.        After the prayer return home and go about your normal activities.  An answer to the
particular problem should not be long in coming to you.

5.        While saying the prayer, it is better to adopt the posture of a person who is staring at, or
examining, something on the ground.  Should anyone see you and ask questions, you could
always say you awoke early and went outdoors for an early morning stroll to get some fresh air.  
To explain why you stood at the crossroads for that length of time, you could say you dropped
something (a small coin, etc) and were looking for it o the ground.

If you frequently jog early in the mornings then it should be much easier for you to perform the
rite at the time of day without raising eyebrows.
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