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Spiritual Bindings:

Body vs. Soul vs. Item

Often I am approached by individuals who have concerns in regards to how their spirit(s) will be
bound.  Some wish for their bodies to be used and some wish for a piece of jewelry to be used.  
Some inquire about a Soul Binding and these three options bring us to this guide.

I will begin with my personal favorite and what I recommend to my friends and clients;

The Body Binding.
Of the three ways to bind a spirit, this is the most powerful of methods.  Also known as a
Physical, Spiritual and Astral Binding.  By having spirits bound in this method the master and
the spirits are introduced to a new level of connection.  The benefits are incredible and surpass
those of vessel binding (ring, lamp, etc).

The benefits of the binding of the spirit(s) to the master’s body are powerful and positive.  When
a spirit is bound to a vessel such a Ring or so on, there is a sort of barrier between the master
and the spirit.  The barrier of course is the vessel.  While this barrier is a weak one that is
eventually over come, this does extend the bonding period between the master and the spirit.

One of the main benefits of having a spirit bound to your body is that there is no such barrier.  
The spirit has an instant connection with the master and the bonding period is greatly reduced.

Not only that, but the Master has a greater level of sensation from the spirit itself.

The transfer of energy from the spirit to the master and vice versa is simply incredible.  For
some, these sensations of energy are incredibly powerful and can take time to become
accustomed to.

Physical Item

Also known as a Vessel Binding.  If you feel uncomfortable with a Body Binding then I highly
recommend a physical item for your spirits.  This would be my second recommendation.  When
you are making this decision of this caliber, it’s all about what you feel comfortable with.  You
want to make the best decision for you and not select an option that will distract you with concern
or worry.

With a physical item, there is a weak barrier that can extend bonding times but this is a small
hindrance and may extend bonding times by only a short bit.

Another negative aspect to a physical item would be the issue of care.  One must care for the
item, prevent loss and wear it often.

*Please know that at any point and time, you can rebind your spirits from your physical items to
your body.  You may also have them transferred to a physical item from your body if you wish.*

Soul Binding
This method is highly uncommon and not recommended for good reason; it’s far too much for
most masters to handle and can be extremely overwhelming.  It’s important that there be a
separation between the spirit, which is essentially pure energy and your own soul (the true you).

Also depending on the type of spirit you have, this can possibly be dangerous.  When a spirit is
bound to the soul they are open to possession and other possible negative outcomes.  This is
why the other options are more suitable for most masters.  With a Body Binding and a Physical
item, there is no chance of spiritual possession.
Please let me know what questions you have.
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