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Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is a powerful technique one can use for many different purposes.  One can
allow their spirit guides to communicate through use means as well as for their spirits to
communicate and pass along information and messages.  

The process it’s self is rather simple but can take time to truly master.  This is of course true in
all things.  

** It begins with you; a piece of paper and a writing instrument.  

That’s all that you need.  You can of course assist with setting up the proper environment by
making sure that you will have no distractions.  Turn your phone off, make sure your computer
won’t be making any ‘Dings’ and so on.  You can even light some candles and turn down the

As you are ready to begin, it’s very important that you become fully comfortable and fully
relaxed.  Below this guide I will post a mediation guide to help you get in the proper state of
mind.  Automatic writing is all about going to an altered state of consciousness.  It’s about
allowing your mind to connect with the spirits that surround you and for them to communicate
through your own mind.  The message will come through your own writings.    With a littler
practice, this method can become an incredibly valuable tool of communication and
information that will assist you with your spiritual journey.

When you are beginning, it’s very important that you know who you wish to be connecting with.  
In other words, who do you wish to write?  Do you want your Djinn to do the writing or do you
wish for one of your spirit guides?  Once you know who it is that you wish to connect with, write
their name at the top of the paper.  Make sure only to do this for one spirit at a time.  If you
invite more than one spirit into the process, the results can be highly confusing and jumbled.  
Only those who are true experts are Automatic Writing should connect with multiple spirits at

Once you have the name at the top of the paper, you will need to think of the questions you
wish to have answered.  You have to realize that you may not receive answers to all of your
questions in one session so you should always plan on redoing the process a few times.  
There will be times when all of your questions go unanswered due to some important
information that your spirit has to share with you.

Once you are completely ready to begin the Automatic Writing, start by gently and lightly
drawn circles on the paper.  You don’t want them to be dark as you may write over these as the
spirit connects with you.  The purpose of the circles is to begin the connection process and for
the spirit to take control of your arm and to begin writing.  If you begin to receive thoughts in
your head, make sure to write these down.  Many that are new to Automatic Writing begin this
way and yes, it can feel silly at first but it will become more natural and that is what you want.  
You want to feel comfortable and at ease.  

When you connect with your spirit, there are two ways this will happen.  

1.        You will know of every single word that you are writing.
2.        You may have no idea of what is being written until they are done writing.

Once your spirit is done writing through you, you may want to take some time before reading
it.  Many who are familiar with this process will take time to fully come into themselves.  Clear
their minds and focus before learning of what has been told to you by your spirit.
When writing, make sure that you have either lots of paper available or you can use a
notebook.  Once you become comfortable with this process, the spirit may begin to write very
quickly and very sloppy.  You might need many pages for a simple sentence.  
TIP: Make sure to number the pages so that you can put them together accurately!

When you are ready to review what has been written by your spirit, you may see that the
handwriting resembles your own or it may be completely different.  I’ve known many who will
begin to write in different languages when they become fully comfortable with the processes of
Automatic Writing.  Also, before you begin reading the messages, you will want to go through
and rewrite any sloppy words and correct any mistakes.  It’s important that you are able to read
the messages clearly.

Overall, this is a very powerful technique that anyone can use to begin addressing their
spirits.  One can learn more information than they even thought possible through this process.
Below as I mentioned above is a meditation technique that was written by a friend of mine.  It
works very, very well.  Enjoy.  Please of course make sure to contact me if you have any
questions.  I’m more than happy to help.
Meditation Technique

Close your eyes.
Imagine the warm sun touching you on a spring day.
Hear the water of the stream floating across the stones of it's bed.
Smell the sweet warmth of the Earth's aroma coming into your conscious awareness.
Feel the outside world slip away, taking with it all your cares and worries.
You are totally immersed now in the sacred private place, your own private Earth.
The birds begin to sing and with their song you become more and more a part of the totality of
the scene.

You begin to see a glowing energy around your body.
This energy now reaches out and touches everything around you.
Sense the wisdom that surrounds and envelops you.
Open your heart to the messages of the true nature of oneness.
Take a deep, deep breath now, in through your nose and out through your mouth.
Repeat this process as you go down deeper into total relaxation.
I'm going to count down from 7 to 1, with each number you feel closer and closer to your true

Number seven, deepening your sense of safety and relaxation.
Six, you are enveloped in the protection of the white light.
Five, feeling your body lighten, to weightlessness.
Four, feeling absolute balance.
Three, deeper into joy and completion.
Two, becoming aware of a glorious energy nearing you
One, standing face to face with your higher self.
Feel the outstretched arms of your higher self embrace you with absolute love.
Feel this love and revel in it. (Quiet for 3 - 5 minutes)
Good, allow your higher self to merge into your energy becoming one brilliant light.
Off in the distance you can see another brilliant light.
It is waiting for you to initiate contact.

Allow your perfect ball of light to envelope your body, readying it for contact.
Bring the mind to your perfect level of consciousness for writing with Spirit. (Wait a moment)
Invite the brilliant light of your guide to merge into your aura.

Give your guide permission to use your arm to give you the gift of contact.

Gently open your eyes enough to see the page, without leaving your perfect level for writing.
Pick up your pen or pencil and holding lightly, begin to draw gentle circles.
Feel the love and protection surrounding you.

Allow your higher self and guide to take hold and write, now. (Allow about 20 minutes, before
counting people up)

One waking up now Two coming up refreshed and alert Three wide awake.
Copyright © 2012 Onstar28607. All rights reserved.
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