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Astral Projection : A How to Guide :

Have you ever wished that you could travel beyond what most considered natural limits?  Do
you seek to send your consciousness beyond the limits of your physical body?  Through this
guide you will learn of a process that is known as Astral Projection and how to use this ability to
travel, explore and learn.

Lets begin with what many consider “
The Limits.”

The Limits is a way of thinking that will hinder you from obtaining what you wish to obtain.  In
other words, it’s the thought process of not being able to do something or the thought that a
certain action may be impossible.

When it comes to the Metaphysical (working with spirits, etc) the only limits are you and we will
call this the ‘self-limiting perspective.’   

For any aspect of the Metaphysical to manifest, you must look past the conception that
something may be impossible.  Once you do this your world will open up to you and everything
that you thought that wasn’t possible will be.  This is especially true when it comes to Astral
Projection.  While it may seem ‘impossible’ I and many others can tell you that it certainly is
possible and is readily done all over the world.

Starting :

Astral Projection comes in many forms and can be obtained through many different methods.  
The method below is simply one example of literally thousands.  For you, this may be the
easiest method available.  For others, it may be too simple and they may wish for something
more profound.  That is the beauty of the Metaphysical as it is truly meant for everyone and
every experience level.

For Astral Projection to work it requires less focus and attention than you may realize.  
Ultimately it’s about relaxing and its about allowing your consciousness to flow from your
body.  While that may sound complex in truth it really isn’t as you will learn.

1. Start by setting the mood.  Lights down, curtains drawn, possibly some music.  It’s about
relaxing and no distractions.

2. I recommend that you lay down on a comfortable surface.  Maybe your sofa or bed.  In your
lap place a hard surface; a hard cover book works nicely.

3. As you close your eyes take your hands and place them upon the surface of the book and
begin to use your index fingers to trace circles.  Each finger acting as a gateway for your
consciousness to leave.  When you start tracing the circles with each finger, you will need to
slow your speed down.  Remember your desire is to be comfortable and to relax and a slower
rate of speed will allow this to happen.  The contact and the sensations of your fingers will allow
your conscious mind to seep out from within you.

4.  Tracing your fingers with the sensations of your consciousness is the beginning.  Relaxing
is the next.  Followed by your conscious mind leaving your body and being in the room with

It’s the act of switching your awareness from your index fingers to your out of body
consciousness that will grant you full freedom from human limits and it’s as simple as stated in
the directions above.

The odds are you have been doing this for years now you don’t even know it.  How often have
you spent hours daydreaming and looking at the world around you with a different
perspective?  The act of daydreaming is the process of sending a portion of your awareness
beyond what exists in the present moment and frame of mind. When you use this skill to
picture the world around you, you are in fact astrally traveling.

For many of you daydreaming may seem like second nature and that's to be expected.  
Humans have active imaginations and our minds wonder when not engaged.  Build upon
these aspects that you know so well and use them to increase your abilities and your limits with
astral projection.

Please be on the lookout for Part II of this guide coming soon.
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