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Posted by: Luke
Filed under: Succubus
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Posted by: Luke
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The Ashen Succubus Purchase Options!
I accept payments in many safe and convenient ways.  Also, you are welcome to make a offer in the
form below.
Payment Options
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::  Ashen Succubus :: Look below for Larger Photos

The Ashen Succubus
Payment Plan

Take advantage of the Payment Plan if need be….
$100 down payment will secure the Ashen Succubus.
The balance is to be paid within ONE month from the date of the initial payment (unless otherwise


The Payment Plan is only available for those paying the full price of this spirit. The plan is not available for
Best Offer Prices (unless otherwise discussed).
Please read the Offer/Installment FAQ for more details.  Find the link at the bottom of this page.
If you would like to make an offer for this AMAZING Item
or have questions please use the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch with me.

Thank you and blessed be!


The Ashen Succubus

My friends, since the sale of my last Succubus Spirits, many of you have been writing in on a daily basis
inquiring as to when I will be offering more.  Today is that day.

Not only am I offering an incredibly powerful spirit as well as a spirit of extreme sexuality and desire.

A spirit that will capture your attention and desires as soon as your eyes are upon her.  A body that will
capture your thoughts throughout your day.  Her eyes are those of burning desire and lust.

Through her the master will be protected and shield from the elements of life she offers so much more.  So
much more than just the desires of the flesh and the heart.  Being of Ashen decent, you have an
incredibility powerful spirit that has only the best in mind for her master!  A spirit who will grant all wishes
with the greatest respect, the greatest responsibly, and with the greatest care.  Her love in this world is
that of her master!  Her light comes from this master!  With each wish that is asked upon her to grant, she
does this with the great honor and protection to the master!  This is her gift and no other Jinn offers such
loyalty and service to their master!

Through this Ashen Succubus your desires will be granted.  Not just physically and sexually but of the
material sense as well.  Her powers are great and equal to that of even the most powerful Djinn.

1.      I want to remind everyone to simply follow your hearts and your
instincts.  Learn of this spirit and if you are drawn to this spirit know
that only spirits that truly desire you will place upon you that special urge.

Spirits will choose their masters!

2.      This Succubus is unlike most in that she is not only extremely
sexual but extremely powerful.  She holds with her the abilities of Djinn
and can assist her masters with many blessings.  Your Sexual needs will be
satisfied and your worldly desires will be granted.

3.      If you have any questions, please contact me.  I look forward to
assisting you.

The Desires and Givings of the Ashen Succubus!:

I think it is important that you are prepared for the most amazing
experiences you have ever had.  This incredible Sexual spirit will stop at
nothing and will deny you nothing!  Nothing!

As you may know, our sexual needs are the bases for all emotions and
desires.  No one, man or woman has to be embarrassed to feel drawn to this
spirit.  She is beautiful and she will certainly teach you more than you
ever thought was possible.

I am a human as well (a man I certainly am) and I know of the needs and
wants that we all share.  I can promise you, you will not be disappointed!
With this Succubus, you WILL be satisfied like you have never been before.
We all have desires, urges, needs and wants to try new things; why not have
them fulfilled?  Why face sexual loneliness when it doesn't have to be that way.

Maybe you are not lonely but want to know more about pleasing your partner.
This spirit will allow you experiment and explore her in every way imaginable.

How badly do you desire Ultimate satisfaction?
Also, it is important that this Succubus is meant for either man or woman.
She is more than capable to pleasing in all fashions.


This Sexual Spirit can manifest and make contact in many powerful ways.
Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and through dreams.  It is common that she will come on to you and
take you in your sleep, making you wake in orgasmic

Simple put my friends; there are certain types of spirits that can make that
intimate and personal connection.  They can be Watcher, Fairies, and Djinn!
These spirits offer their masters, both men and women extreme sexual contact.  Sexual intimacy that is
nothing like that of human contact!
Not only this, but this incredible spirit naturally has the full abilities of the Marid giving her much more to
offer her masters.
She can grant your wishes, protect you and give you more than you ever
imagined.  Money, knowledge and all that anyone can ask for can and will be granted from this amazing


As many of you know, I am a big fan of giving many Powerful Extras!  Once your package has arrived
please contact me so that I can send you all the
Invocations, Rituals and Extras so you may begin bonding with your spirit right away!  All of these will be
sent to your email box in PDF format, if
you desire a different format please let me know!  I send all of these Rituals, Invocations and Extras
digitally to keep the prices on shipping/supplies


The name of this incredible Succubus will only be given to her name master and no one else.  


Remember to follow your heart and if you have any questions please let me know.  I am only a click
away from assisting you with your inquiries.

Ask yourselves, what do you desire?
Of All the Spirits, there are no Spirits that are more Desiring and lustful
than that of  the Ashen Succubus!.

This is a Pure Ashen Succubus with the powers and abilities of the
Ask of her and it shall be so.
Please take a good couple of moments to view these pictures I have
taken!  Experience the Power of the Succubus!  
This is a Powerful and Desiring Succubus   
What do you desire?
::  The Ashen
$500 ::
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Ashen Succubus
Ashen Succubus
Note II: Her name will only be given to Her master!
Ashen Succubus
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Posted by: Luke
Filed under: Succubus
This Ashen Succubus is being held within the spiritual realms until her master
calls.  This photo is the closest match to her incredible beauty and let me tell
you, it is extremely close!  Once the master has purchased this spirit she will be
bound to the vessel of your choice.  
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