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Angels while loving and compassionate spirits, range in many types and hierarchies.  As a
matter of a fact, to list all of the different types of Angelic Spirits would be very difficult.  Not to
mention, there are many spirits that are very similar to Angels and there have been many
discussions on whether they should be counted as Angelic beings.

There are of course, Archangels, Dominations, Khodam, Devata, Seraphim, Thrones and
Guardian Angels as these are the most common.  There are of course those types of Angels that
are not spoken of often. These include, Powers, Ophanim, Virtues, Acclamations, Apparitions,
Elim, Bene-Elohim and so many others.  

Instead of focusing on the types of Angels, this brief guide is written more concerning their mutual
abilities and characteristics.  

When a master interacts with an Angelic being, one should naturally expect companionship,
understanding, love, guidance and areas that fall in between.  These spirits can brings gifts of life,
health, wealth and more than most would even relate to such spirits.
As the Western World has come to understand Angelic beings in relation to the Metaphysical, it
is known that Angelic beings can possess abilities and powers that are often thought to only be
held by powerful Djinn and like spirits.

Each Angelic being is different and their abilities too will be different.  While one Angel can grant
instant travel another can create wealth from nothingness.  One Angel can create relationships
while another can show the future.

The possibilities that come from Angels is very exciting but nothing compares to the level of love
and light that they carry with them.  There simply isn’t any other spirits that can match them in this
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