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Altar Magick : Ritual

On your altar you want to incorporate tools to represent your desire. If you
want a new car, find a hot wheels model of the car you want. If you want
some financial help with something, find a dollar or make a check payable
to you and drawn on the Universal Bank Of The Divine. Sign the check with
the name of your preferred deity if you wish. (Now as a disclaimer this is
not a check you're going to take to your bank! Please be reasonable here.
This is just for your altar). Write a simple 4 verse poem that defines your

After a meditation, visualize what you want. Light an altar candle and recite
your verse and make a statement of intent. As for protection for your altar,
call upon your chosen deity and so on. Whatever you do to prepare for
spell work. Imagine your desire in as much detail as possible and hold the
object you've chosen to represent your desire in your hand. Make a
statement that this object represents your true desire and is the receptacle
of your creative energy. Imprint all that visual energy on the object by
imagining the energy moving from your creative center, through your
subconscious mind, exiting through your third eye and moving into the
object. When you are ready, recite your verse. Place the item on your altar
and light a candle that you've chosen to enhance the energy of your desire,
recite the verse again. Imagine this candle as the beacon (like a large light
house) burning upon the ethereal world for your desire to manifest. Don't
forget to make your honoring and thanks yous.

Now all of these methods require you to record what you want in your
journal, Grimoire or Book of Shadows. Before you begin, record what you
want, what you're planning to do. Document all the detail needed for your
visualization after the meditation. After your chosen method of
manifestation, record what you did, what you felt and any thing extra you
want to keep in writing. When your desire does manifest, record how it
came to you, and now that you have it, what shall occur. And don't forget a
formal thank you to the Divine for the assistance in the manifestation.

Very often, people think that creating your desires through spiritual
manifestation is something that is convoluted and complicated. Energy, the
ethereal world and magik really isn't that complicated. The simple methods
work just as well as the complex. There is a time and place for both. The
method however will have little energy if you don't understand the Law of
Manifestation in the first place. Course, I'm hoping this homily has helped
that in some manner. ;-)
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