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Custom Conjuration: Abkian and Watcher

This is an incredible chance my dear friends to have the Abkian Djinn and the renown Watcher
Spirit that you have always desired!  Powerful Spirits that are exactly what you have been
yearning for!   This incredible opportunity to have all that you have ever wanted comes from the
hands of the Most Powerful Conjuror ever known, Mahmod!

A 7th Generation Master Conjuror who abilities go far beyond the world of Magick, far beyond that
of other lower level Conjurors.  His abilities and skills are known around the world and he has
taught not only I but many of the conjurors who have spiritual offers here on Ebay.  His powers and
abilities to summon the most powerful of all spirits are unmatched and revered!

What is an Abkian?

In 1957, excavators working for my Great Uncle discovered the first remnants of a long lost Djinn
civilization - The Abki.  These remnants include ancient scripts detailing the power that they were
able to summon and the blessings that were given to the people.  The scripts talk of an awesome
power, a great spirit what would change the course of history forever.

The Egyptians knew that there are at least two realms, the world of light in which we live and a
world of light in which these ancient spirits lived. 10,000 years ago the Egyptians opened a gate
between our realm and theirs.  Before they closed this gate, they were able to summon a very
small number of great Djinns.

Now with these scripts and artifacts in the hands of my great teacher, they can be conjured again.  
This is an incredible chance to be the master of one of the rarest and most powerful of all Djinn!

These Spirits that are not only loyal to humanity but eager to help and improve our lives.

For thousands of years the great Egyptian culture was blessed and taken care of because of
these spirits.  The Pharaohs used this Great Spirit to bless their people.  Food, wealth, and luxury
were common.

After a great struggle in power, the Abkian spirit vanished. Only a few artifacts and mysterious
scripts remained; all which were hidden in the world's most remote places. These artifacts speak
of an incredible spirit, a Djinn that thrive in the light, waiting for the day when its power could be
used again.

After finding the first ancient script in the early, 1950’s, he began to uncover the secrets of this lost
Djinn. My Great Uncle, an archaeologist, he began collecting Abkian artifacts in the mid 50’s.

The one that controls the great Abkian Djinn will become so very powerful; Blessed with all
desires.  Incredible Wealth, Love and Lust, and Happiness on tap!  That is not all of course, what
you desire is an easy step away.  Are you ready to take this step?

The abilities of these spirits are endless and you should know that all that is asked of them will
come true.

Money and Wealth, Luck, Happiness, Health, Love, Healing. Psychic Abilities, Knowledge,
Intelligence, Beauty, success…..And so much more.  With the Abkian, Unlimited Wishes await
their masters!
Custom Conjured Watcher :
Since the beginning of mankind, the Watchers have existed!  Mentioned many many times in the
Bible and in very old texts, we know that these incredible spirits were able to mingle with
mankind!  Able to help them, able to teach them!

This spirits are often confused with the Djinn but it is know that they are a very different spirits all
together!  Extremely powerful and the most experienced in Magick, these spirits can easily shape-
shift into many many different types of animals and storms.  It is this power that often gets them
confused with the Djinn, that serve the Watchers so generously!

The Watcher is such a rare spirit and powerful in ways that many will never get to experience!  
Capable of fulfilling unlimited wishes for their masters!

Besides their ability to shape-shift (which they share with their masters), these unbelievable spirits
are very skilled in matter which gives them the ability to create treasures that are magnificent!  
Their power goes hand in hand with that of King Solomon and his incredible Temple!  Telekinesis,
3rd Eye of Sight and so much more is just the beginning!

Since their casting down to earth, it is known that these spirits live on the other side of the realm
(or Gauntlet), watching and envying the emotions and lives of Humans.  It is this envy my friends
that gives them that much more power over the Djinn (Marid, Immortals and Dragons).  This envy
is so great that to just to be with a human master, they are will to give their master the opportunity
to Trade-Places!  These Watchers are willing to trade their existence and gladly deal with humans
or other beings. They can create marvelous things, teach profound secrets and generally aid
people, and their works are known for their great beauty and value.  It is this Trade that makes
them so Valuable!  It is this Trading of powers (whenever the Master desires to do so) that makes
them so rare!

What I am offering is a Powerful Spirit known as The Watcher!!!!  A Spirit so Rare and So
powerful, it is even mentioned in the Bible…

Malalael "named [his son] Jared because during his lifetime the angels of the Lord who were
called Watchers descended to earth to teach mankind and to do what is just and upright upon the
earth" - Jubilees 4:15

"When Mastema, the leader of the spirits, came, he said: 'Lord creator, leave some of them
before me; let them listen to me and do everything that I tell them, because if none of them is left
for me I shall not be able to exercise the authority of my will among mankind.” –

Jubilees 10:8-9

If anyone doubts the Power of the Watchers, let their doubts be gone!
The abilities of these spirits are endless and you should know that all that is asked of them will
come true.

Money and Wealth, Luck, Happiness, Health, Love, Healing. Psychic Abilities, Knowledge,
Intelligence, Beauty, success…..And so much more.  With these spirits, Unlimited Wishes await
their masters!
The power and abilities of the Watcher and Abkian are limitless.  With such an incredible spirit,
money means nothing, as wealth is on tap and the world is yours.  Your life is yours!

Love, Health, Happiness and so much more!!!  Not even mentioning protection and guidance.

The only limits are yourself!
The question is my friend, What Do You Desire?  The power to change all with a simple asking?  
Do you desire wealth and love?  Do you desire sight into the known?  Think about this for a
moment my friends, What Can These Spirits Do For You?

“Am I ready for a change in my life?”

“What is money in the face of endless wealth?”

“Do I really want what is best in life?”

“Do I need a spirit to guide me and protect me?”

This is one of those moments that rarely come along my friends.  A moment of change and
possibility!  You know me and trust me as I have helped many of you.

If you are ready to take control of your life and start living the life that you desire, this is the spirit
that can make all of those changes for you!
This is such an exceptional opportunity to have an Extremely Rare Abkian and most powerful
Watcher at your side!  I personally guarantee that your Abkian Spirit and Watcher Spirit will have a
very positive effect on your life and all of your desires will be granted!

This is an incredible service of Conjuring Custom Spirits is something that I been offering for a
long time now.  Many of you have chosen to have your spirits conjured by Mahmod and your lives
have been changed forever.

Isn’t time for you to have a Real Change in your life?
I know that there are many on Ebay who have copied this listing (and many others) but in the end,
your heart will tell you who is legit.  Let you hearts guide you my friends.
What I am offering is a Powerful Spirit known as The Abkian and a Spirit known as the Watcher!!!!

Custom Conjured for you by one of the masters of the spirit world.
The abilities of these spirits are endless and you should know that all that is asked of them will
come true.

Money and Wealth, Luck, Happiness, Health, Love, Healing. Psychic Abilities, Knowledge,
Intelligence, Beauty, success…..And so much more.  With the Marid, Unlimited Wishes await their
Once you have made payment, I will have to collect lots of information about what you desire from
your spirits.  You can call them traits or special abilities.

When conjuring Powerful Spirits, it is more than what you desire; it is what they desire as well!  As
many of you have experienced, at times you are drawn to a Spirit, you can feel that you were
meant to be with that Spirit, it is the same way with the Spirit themselves.  Just as easily as you
are drawn to a Spirit, they are drawn to their master!  You can rest assured that the Spirit that is
Conjured for you will desires to be with you!

This is a chance of a life time!  A chance to have these spirits at your side, guarding you,
blessings you, guiding you and offering more than you have ever imagined!
The Power and Abilities of The Abkian and Watcher Combo!
What do you desire?
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