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::  Angra Mainyu Demon Conjuration
The Angra Mainyu Demon Conjuration
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Haunted : Instant Conjured Angra Mainyu: Masters of Darkness Male or Female Conjured Demon


Extreme Rarity and Extreme Darkness.  Carefully Conjured


Spirit Type: Angra Mainyu

Number of Available to Conjure: 2

Sex: Male or Female

Name: Only given to Master

Ability Rating: Highest of Level

Rarity Rating: Highest of Level

Value: Highest of Level

Rebindable: Yes

Vessel: Body or Vessel (ring, pendant, etc)

Facing you today is a commanding, shadowed Spirit Known as the
Angra Mainyu.  These spirits
are from the Darkest sections of the spiritual Realms and are some of the Darkest Demons that
can be conjured safely.  The
Angra Mainyu are the rarest of spirits and it isn’t often that they are
brought forth to this realm.  It’s even rarely that these spirits are brought into this world in such a
safe and controllable manner.

Before we go into the details of these spirits it should be known that extra time is needed for these
conjurations to be completed.  These spirits are
EXTREME and all the additional time is used to
make sure that we select only the perfect spirit for you.  This isn’t a process that you want to be
rushed.  You don’t want just any spirit; you want the absolute best!  You want a spirit that wishes to
be with you and that is exactly what you will receive here.

This is an Instant Conjuration but it will take time for this to be completed.  It may be 3 day or it may
be a week.  Please keep that in mind.  Thank you

The Angra Mainyu

For Centuries the Angra Mainyu have been known as the harbors of Darkness.  Border-land Evil
spirits who are hell bent on destruction and chaos.  That is the picture that mythology paints and to
be honest, it’s rather honest and accurate.

Angra Mainyu are extremely dark natured spirits but they are also some of the most powerful
of spirits in the world today.  When conjured correctly and when conjured with great care and
attention, these spirits can be brought forth with an incredible level of control and power.

They don’t have to be evil spirits and the ones that we will conjure won’t be.  We never conjure evil
spirits….ever!  What you will receive with this conjuration is a very, very dark
Angra Mainyu!  
Please understand that.

These spirits will be conjured under the laws of White Light and Light Magick.  Only spirits that are
willing and fit our criteria will be brought forward.

Please recognize that these spirits are not bound against their will but they are extremely dark
natured. They will never harm you or your loved ones and as an extra precaution; the white light
magick barrier is in place to protect and shield you from their overwhelming energies.

The spirit that will be conjured here will desire to be with you and this spirit will be as long as the
rarest, most elite of spirits.

You can imagine the energies that will go into this conjuration; it will be intense and it will take time.

-All Conjurations will be performed by my great master in the village of
Meidum and I will assist
when appropriate.-

Before we begin to go into all the details concerning these spirits, it’s important to realize that the
Angra Mainya isn’t the name of a spirit but the race of a spirit.  A race of Ancient Demons that has
gone inaccessible to most for thousands of years.

Today they are available in

When the conjurations are completed for this spirit; we will contact you and inform you of all the
details.  Name.  Age and so much more.

If you wish for your spirit to be bound to a vessel such as a ring or pendant, the package will be
mailed and you will be informed when it is sent.

The Angra Mainyu

Throughout the years of humankind these spirits have played a role in regards to history and this is
essentially true with a number of different Demon Spirits; it’s important to remember that Demons
are often times the most powerful of spirits and what is why world leaders use them to do what they
do.  It’s also important to remember that all Demons are different and not all of them are Evil.  My
master and I never offer Evil Spirits and that separates us from many others.
Often times spirits such as this have been selected because of their powers and abilities to do a
great many things.  Some good, some bad.  They have a troubled History (just like the
Sluagh) and
most of it is completely true.

These spirits have a dark history and evil versions of these spirits are pulled through to this realm
they do bad things.  When more neutral versions are selected (like what we are offering) incredible
blessings are provided.
For you, you have 100% protection from the Darkness and you have 100% control over this
power.  The White Magick that has been placed upon this spirit is unlike any you have ever
experienced.  Total protection for you and your family.

There are many who have experience with Demons and Dark Spirits of this nature and this spirit
really is for you.

He or She is meant for a controlling master and one who is capable of handling such a spirit.

Often times throughout history, the
Angra Mainyu have been confused as Slaugh and for a good

They often share in the same abilities and the same mentality.

With the
Angra Mainyu as well to their history, there is a long record of their great abilities.  They
attract other spirits to add to their powers.  The abilities of the Djinn, Angels, Warlocks, Sirens,
and so on.

Angra Mainyu is the equivalent to thousands of spirits!  Think of this one fact.  Think of the
power that you would have before you to control your life.


Of course the
Sluagh and the Angra Mainyu are completely different spirits and that should be
known even though they often have some of the same characteristics.

With the
Angra they are even Darker.  They are even stronger and more powerful.  To rate them is
difficult (as it is with all spirits) but easily the Angra are twice as powerful as the
Sluagh and often
times have the
Sluagh as their followers.

Remember, your spirits are protected and will not be harmed by this spirit.  He only absorbs
entities and spirits from altered realms and not from this realm.

From this one spirit which we will conjure for you, the world is at your finger tips.  Magick.
Knowledge, influence, control, sight, spells, psychic control and visions, wish granting, healing,
harm, and so on.

There are no limits.

This spirit is available now and is an Instant conjure.  Once you purchase this service it will be
bound to your body (or to a physical vessel such as a ring, pendant) as this is the most powerful
method.  Once this is done all the information and invocations will be sent to your email.  You may
have him bound to a physical vessel if you wish and you will need to let me know this ahead of time.

The pictures of in this listing closely match this incredible spirit.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
My Friends, welcome to the Award Winning Metaphysical Beginnings!

Below you will be introduced to the
Angra Mainyu Demon.  

Powerful Dark Spirit of incredible abilities!
When viewing these pictures take time to study each one carefully.  
These Djinn have manifested in a way that they desire and may speak
directly to you in a number of emotional ways.  For each of you viewing,
the experiences had will be different.
The Power and Abilities of The Angra Mainyu!
What do you desire?
::  Angra
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Angra Mainyu
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Angra Mainyu
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